How to join / come train

Oxford IPO offers training help and grounds in three forms: Member, Associate Member, and Visitor.
Members must also be members in good standing of the American Working Malinois Association (included in the Oxford IPO Working Dog Club - Canada membership fee).

1. Member

Members are entitled to all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of this club. Club training sessions take place a minimum of 2 days a week, weather conditions and schedule permitting.
Acceptance of a candidate as a Member shall be voted in by the majority of board directors, in consultation with existing members, after a 6 months probation period as an Associate Member.


2. Associate Member

Acceptance of a candidate as an Associate Member shall be voted in by the majority of board directors.
A minimum of one training day per month is open to Associate Members, for a fee of $5 per training unit*.
The cost is CAD $200 per person per year.


3. Visitor

Visitors may participate in training sessions at the discretion of the Training Director, for a fee of $10 per training unit*.
Visitors shall contact us** prior to a training day, if they wish to come to the Oxford IPO training field.


* Training units are of 3 types (1 unit each):

- Field usage (mandatory). Doing one obedience and one protection session consists of 2 training units of field usage.
- Oxford IPO Club Helper usage (optional)
- Oxford IPO Club member obedience coaching (optional)

** Contact us by sending email to


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